Q - What woods do you use for your rabbit toys?

We use only safe, non-toxic woods.  Over the past 17 years we have researched many different wood types and use only those that have proved to be safe.

Here are the types of safe woods we use:

- Kiln Dried Pine (We never use fresh pine)

- Maple

- Birch

- Beech

- Oak  (Caution: Oak with bark can be dangerous.  All our oak parts do not have bark)


Q – I know pine bedding is dangerous for rabbits, what about toys made of pine?

Most of our toys are made with kiln dried pine.  Bedding made of shaved pine IS dangerous for rabbits due to the massive amounts of oils that are released during the shaving process.  These oils are not toxic to ingest but may irritate respiratory systems and eventually lead to liver disease.  

 However, toys made of kiln dried pine do not pose this threat.  First of all the pine used in these toys is kiln dried in order to help neutralize the oils.  Also the toys do not give off a strong pine smell since the pine is not shaved but in solid state.  And chewing on kiln dried pine has not shown any negative effects but in fact is psychologically healthy for a rabbit. 

Our kiln dried pine products have been promoted, used and purchased by rabbit rescue groups for over 17 years!


Q – What is the rope you use on the toys?  Is it safe for my rabbit to eat?

The rope we use is called sisal rope.  It is one of the only recognized as safe ropes used in rabbit toys.  Rabbits are able to chew sisal rope in much the same way they chew hay.  Sisal breaks up into small pieces when a rabbit chews it so entanglement in the intestines is avoided.

Most ropes do not break up and will cause severe gut entanglement including cotton, jute, utility rope, and most other types of commercially available ropes.

Sisal is used safely by the majority of Rabbit Rescue groups in the US!


Q – What are your toy parts colored with?  Is it safe?

All our toy parts are colored with a concentrated human grade food coloring.  Of course it is safe and non toxic!


Q – My rabbit threw his toy in his water bowl and now the water has turned color!  Is this safe for my rabbit?

Not to worry, because we use safe human grade food coloring to color our toy parts the coloring in the water is safe to drink.  The other great thing about the coloring we use is that it is non staining.  If any of the color leaks onto your carpet, clothing, rabbits fur, etc, it will wash out easily


Q - Is the glue you use safe for rabbits?

 Yes!  We use only safe non toxic Elmer’s glue on our toys.


Q - Where are these toys made?

 All wood toys are made right here in the USA!  


Q- Do you ship outside of the US?

 Yes!  However with VAT and other complications, we now only accept Canadian orders on the website.  All other countries can purchase from our Etsy store (they handle VAT, etc) here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyRabbitToys


Q - What forms of payment do you accept?

 We accept Paypal and all major Credit Cards.  


Q – Can I buy your toys at our local pet store?

 Currently you can only buy our toys online.


Q - Can you send my Rabbit Rescue a toy donation?

 Throughout the years we've received hundreds of requests for toy donations to rescue groups.  We are a small, very busy company and do not yet have the resources to track and organize all the requests.  So, at this time, we do not send donations to rescue groups when requested.

However, we do have a program where your supporters can purchase a toy donation for your rescue and we will MATCH it!  This is a great program to promote on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Since we began this program we have sent thousands of dollars worth of toys to rescues across the country!

Check it out here:  https://www.happyrabbittoys.com/donate-toys-to-a-rescue/


Q - Do you sell your toys Wholesale to Rabbit Rescue groups?

No, we do not currently offer our toys at a wholesale price to rescues.  We do recommend you watch for our sales and promotions since do offer extreme discounts from time to time that rescues can take advantage of.


Q - When is your next sale?

We hold sales often throughout the year.  We always announce our sales about a week before they begin to give people a chance to plan for them.  Sale announcements go up on Facebook and out via email.