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HUGE Rabbit Toy Sale

Greetings Bunny Lover!

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The HUGE Spring Fling Rabbit Toy Sale NOW OPEN and includes 20% off EVERYTHING on the website!

You read that right, EVERYTHING!

That includes Activity Zones, Crazy Carrots, Toy Donations, and even 20% off our already discounted Toy Packs!


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Go on over and get your order in NOW!  The first 15 giveaways will go FAST!!

Here are some celebration giveaways:

Giveaway #1

The first 15 people to put in their order when the sale starts at Noon ET on Friday, Feb 5th will get a FREE Bunny Bath Bomb!  These bath bombs are super cute and handmade!! We normally get at least 15 orders in the first 20 minutes of these sales (sometimes faster!) so don't wait, be ready with your order at Noon ET on the dot!

Bunny Bath Bombs
Giveaway #2

We will be choosing ONE order during the HUGE Spring Fling Rabbit Toy Sale to receive this cute bunny pouch!*  Valued at $20!
Giveaway #3
We will be giving away this adorable see glass bunny frame to one person who makes an order during the HUGE Spring Fling Rabbit Toy Sale!*  Valued at $30 and it's truly a one of a kind piece!
Giveaway #4

WOW!!!!  We are giving away this STUNNING stained glass bunny to one lucky person who makes the BIGGEST order during the HUGE Spring Fling Rabbit Toy Sale!!

That's right, the largest order will receive not only the coolest rabbit toys around, but also this handmade, stained glass bunny valued at $65!!

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Bunny Love Toys

Many of your saw a sneak peak of these cute toys when we did our recent giveaway!

There were SO popular that we decided to add them to the website!  They will be available for the FIRST TIME when the sale goes LIVE at Noon ET on Friday!



Hanging Hay Rack

If you've been with us for awhile you might remember this toy!  In fact, this was one of our very first designs and we carried it for more than 10 years before we decided to discontinue it.  Over the years people have asked if we planned to bring it back due to popular demand!

This hanging hay rack toy will hold a small handful of hay from the side or top of your bunnies enclosure making your bunny work a bit harder to get a nibble.  Bunnies really love batting these around and flipping them with their heads to get to the tasty "other side".  Sure to be a hit!!

Find it here:


Hay Rack
When we were carrying the hanging hay rack we always had plans to create a "non hanging" hay rack.  One that bunnies could pick up and toss around with the hay inside. 

Now that we have brought back it's hanging counterpart, we went ahead and created a "floor model" too!  

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NOTE:  Sales like this usually create high order volume in a short period of time.  If you participate in this sale please understand that your order COULD take up to 4 weeks to deliver.  If you are in a rush to receive your order, make a note at check out so we know to make it a priority!